MMO Journey: Weeks 0-4 (inspiration)

I've been working on a passion project super-part-time for just over two months now, and decided to start writing about it on a regular basis for my future self to reflect on.

The project was born of out a brief Skyrim binge (I hadn't played it yet and lots of people seem to love it).  My son had just been born and I was on paternity leave, so I had some time to kill during his naps.  Playing Skyrim on the PC was a UX nightmare for me.  The gameplay itself was great, but every time I needed to do something other than run around killing things I wanted to toss my keyboard out the window.  Every menu in the game seemed unintuitive and clunky.  Maybe it was developed for consoles and ported to PC later? No idea.  I wasn't able to play more than 10 hours before losing interest solely due to the horrendous interface.

After uninstalling Skyrim my first (upset) thought was "Man, I don't know anything about game development but I bet I could make a better experience than that."  I'm 99% certain that statement is false, but it drove me to look into what making a game actually takes.

I'm not a developer or an artist, but I know a fair amount about software development (mostly in Ruby/Python/Perl) and I work in the Tech industry full-time.  I'd never used C# or C++ before and knew absolutely nothing about game development, so I started with a Unity course  (Complete Unity Developer) on Udemy and spent roughly a month going through all the material it provided.  After I finished the course I was fairly comfortable with Unity and basic C#, and I had to decide what type of game I wanted to work on as my first real project.

So of course, I chose the one genre literally everyone says not to try: MMORPG!  I understand the (very sound) reasoning behind this being a horrible choice, but I simply didn't feel like working on anything else.  I'm not going to justify it any further that that and it may end up being a horrible choice, but I can live with that.

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